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Every business is different, but they all share these common experiences, paths and needs:



Can our law firm make a difference? Many of our clients say Yes.  We could say it's because we provide excellent legal services. But so do many other firms. The difference? From how we work with you, to the services we offer, to how we bill, to how we think, to who we are. We understand entrepreneurs, because we work with so many and because we're entrepreneurs ourselves. We know that to survive you need an idea, the resources to bring it to life, and the leadership to make it happen. If you don't have all three, we can help connect you with the missing pieces.

We can't eliminate the core risk out of your business. But we can assist you in fitting all the pieces together and in smoothing out the bumps along the way.



Running your business is more than making decisions from facts. It's making those decisions while riding a roller coaster through uncertainty and resolve, frustration and patience, obstacles and milestones, despair and elation. To succeed, you must be strong, committed and persistent. You must believe in yourself, your business and its future.

Your advisors? They must be strong, realistic and upbeat. They should listen, so they can grasp your vision and make it their own. They should strive to make things happen, to not let the details sidetrack you from your objectives. They should be your guides: from formation to growth to financing to success to succession and beyond, their advice blending experience, knowledge, wisdom, faith and perseverance.

Only those who dare to dream can achieve. Now, more than ever, your advice should come with understanding, strength, vision and belief.  Cowden Humphrey . . . Entrepreneurs Advising Entrepreneurs.



How can you tell you're rising to the next level? You start having more choices:

  • Introducing new products
  • Hiring more people
  • Expanding your markets
  • Moving to more productive facilities
  • Acquiring competitors
  • Changing your role in the company

As you transform, our role is to re-assess your goals with you and build a strategic approach to getting there. Do you want to consolidate gains, pursue a much larger future, or both? Then, we deliver the business, personal and legal guidance to help you achieve your goals.


Growth can be planned or unexpected. It can happen overnight, or take years. It can last forever or end without warning. Managed, it can be good. Unmanaged, it can be risky . . . even business threatening.

Whether you're living it, or looking to ignite it, growth can be fickle, elusive, confounding and overwhelming. At times like these, you need the counsel of an advisor who's been there before; who has lived through the ups and downs and crashes and recoveries.

Your legal advisor should be someone who provides excellent legal services and "gets" business, you and your business. Someone who can help you find capital or advise you to wait. Who can connect you with potential partners, employees, investors and other resources. An advisor who can assist you legally, tactically, creatively and strategically.

Your legal advisor should be . . . someone who knows how to work with entrepreneurs, an advisor who understands your need to do, to connect, to achieve, and . . . someone who knows how to help you get it done. Cowden Humphrey can help you grow . . . wisely, appropriately, and strategically.


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Growth also creates resources opportunities and challenges, product development, human resources, facilities expansion, acquisitions, marketing, equipment. Unless you can meet your needs through internal cash flow, you'll have to find funds elsewhere, and we're uniquely positioned to assist you with your funding and financing needs.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, a lender or an investor, you know money can springboard growth, hold you back or destroy you. While capital can come from vendors, customers, banks, angels, friends and relatives, venture capitalists, private placements or public offerings, the important thing is to get or provide it under the best possible terms for you to make sure you can grow, or even live, with what you get.

To do that, it helps to know what to expect and where to find it. It helps to have an advisor and legal team that knows what to ask for, accept and refuse; that understands not just securities, borrowing and legal protections, but above all you and your business . . . because money can jumpstart your growth or seal your fate. At Cowden Humphrey we can help you find the right financing on the right terms for your business.



Expansion can be a frightening and challenging path for any business, but growing companies will all face the need to expand at some point in their journey. Here's how we can help:

  • Simplifying the process
  • Reducing the cycle between concept and completion
  • Providing a consultative approach to total project management
  • Leveraging our relationships to add project value
  • Anticipating and resolving the unique problems associated with real estate projects
  • Getting the job done on time and on budget
  • Using our collective expertise to achieve the project objectives

Whether it's a real estate project, expansion at your current location, or a potential move to new space, we offer:

  • Experience, insight and creativity relating to commercial real estate
  • Expertise in the development of multi-family, office, industrial and real estate
  • Professionals actively involved in the local real estate community
  • Real estate specialists committed to the rehabilitation and reuse of urban properties



You might be ready to retire, have family members or employees ready to follow in your footsteps, or have an offer too good to refuse. Whatever your motivation or timetable, it's time to prepare an exit and transition strategy for you, your family, and your business.

Business is never more personal than when you relinquish control, which is why a successful succession plan takes more than well-crafted legal documents. It requires insight into the business and personal issues for all the parties to the transaction, whether they are employees, vendors, customers, or family members. In particular, family-owned enterprises call for careful resolution of the potentially divisive issues between family members active in the business and those with no interest in ever running the business that mom or dad built.

Getting it right creates security for the seller and possibilities for the new owner. Getting it wrong? It means you still can't relax. Make a plan and put experience, empathy and insight working for you . . . with Cowden Humphrey.



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